Hi everyone!


















how was your day? Tell me one good thing that happened today. 

I went to jury duty, and did not get selected as a juror!!!!!

I found some really cute Leopard print luggage and tote to match for my trip to New York at Christmas and bought it.

I was appointed Captain of a ship. 🙂

I’m packing for Ireland…and I didn’t read one damn post on who was dating who! 😊

This is a fun post @hiddleston81 .

And @mackenzielass4ever enjoy the land of leprechauns 🍀☘️ @p-redux, you funny 😂

And me, I renewed my soon-to-expire passport (and my hubby’s) today because we are going on a holiday to New Zealand (where we ALWAYS go on holidays). But happyhappyhappy!

Nothing special happened day, my life is probably really boring, but I’m enjoyning the general lack of drama around here today.

Today I went on a walk in a -to me- unfamiliar city and ended up at a mall!

That sounds like so much fun @milaimproves I love exploring new cities!

I’m changing of cell phone company and I will be able to save some money… I’m happy!

I hope your day had good things too, @hiddleston81!

Oooo @superaloyavanza saving money is always a good thing. Let’s see something good about my day… it was a coworkers birthday today so the whole office got cake for lunch. 

I love the positivity of this post.

 @nuggsmum We really need more positivity in the world. I’m so guilty of focusing solely on the negative things that happen during my day or that are happening in my life, and so I took a moment to step back and look at my day and find at least one thing that went well or that made me happy. It was really freeing. So, I wanted to see what good things happened to other people. Even if they seem small and insignificant to one person, they may mean a lot to someone else. Also, I think people get so caught up in the negative things that are going on that they forget to appreciate the good things when they do happen. 

Thank you 🖤 I needed some positive vibes and reading everyone’s good moments made me smile 😊

I took the kids to the park, we played a while then came home and refilled the kiddie pool. It’s been a good lazy day 🙂

@micaleann and you’re making happy memories for your kids! What a great family day! 

I’m in the process of a lay off. It should totally suck, since I absolutely love my job, and it oddly doesn’t. I’m sad at leaving my friends behind, but I’m excited about what’s out there. I’ve had interviews all this week and I’m scheduling into next. My last day is August 31 plus I get a severance, and my bosses have given me a “come and go as needed” in order to find new employment.

What can have such a potential drain on my psyche hasn’t. There’s so many silver linings. I have a gut feeling I will come out the other side in a better position:)

I got a pair of leggings with goofy on them and I can’t wait tto wear them.