Hi I love your writing! Can I make a Various C…

Hi I love your writing! Can I make a Various Clint Barton Prompts request for a Clint/Serial Killer Steve follow-up where Clint actually knows Steve’s a killer and gets turned on by watching him. Steve catches him and they finally get together. Probably better that they go home first but they could be so hot for each other they do it with the body right there!

The thing with Clint’s eyes was, that they were pretty good. Better than anyone else’s. His ophthalmologist almost got a hard-on when he examined them for the first time. He even asked him if he could write an article about his eyes in an ophthalmologic journal. His parents agreed and for a few months the doctor examined him regularly and he got a copy of the journal when the article was published. The thing with Clint’s eyes was that he could see things other people couldn’t. And he liked what he saw.

Steve was a passionate man with an extremely flexible moral code. And he liked that. He realized that Steve liked him, more than just a friend. He saw it when he was there with a date for the first time. Steve glared in their direction the whole time. He tried to hide it but he couldn’t. Clint’s eyes were too good to hide it.

His date turned out to be a total asshole. A really, really huge asshole. It was a blind date, Kate tricked him into it, and he didn’t regret it that Steve beat him up later that evening. His date was an ass and he had the nerve and tried to kiss him without his consent and Steve had seen it and when Clint went to the restroom he had lured the guy out of the bar and beat him up. Clint could see it through the windows. It was awesome.

And since then Clint went to go on dates with the biggest assholes he could find and at one point they started to disappear. Clint was shocked because he realized Steve took care of them.

Until he saw it. It was breathtaking how this man fought for him, Clint, without telling him that he did it. He strangled most of the guys, wrapped them in plastic sheets and threw them in the trunk of his car.

He got more and more obsessed with him, Clint, and Clint couldn’t help himself, he had to tease him a bit. If he would tell him that he knew what he did, Steve would stop. Or kill him, Clint.

Today he had had a date again, a guy who used to check out the homes of the guys he dated only to tie them up and rob them. Sometimes he even raped them. Clint knew that, he had searched to find another asshole to bring to Steve’s bar. He had pretended to be rich, he had even rented an expensive Mercedes to impress the guy and he took the bait. But when they were in the bar Clint told him that it was fake.

He told him that it was just to ‘get a date with him’ because ‘he was so cute’. Of course Donald was angry as fuck, he had yelled at Clint, had called him faggot in the middle of the bar and he even hit him. And of course Steve came. He grabbed Donald’s arm, twisted it on his back and growled something in his ear. Clint’s eyes were exceptional, unfortunately his ears weren’t.

When Bucky came to him and asked him if he was okay, Clint nodded. He said he would go to the restroom and Bucky nodded. Fortunately he didn’t follow him.

Clint hurried to the window and looked out of it. He saw Steve move, beat the guy up, and when he hit a dumpster with his head he hit him again and again against the metal. His head split open like a ripe melon and Steve spat insults in his face until he calmed down. And Clint palmed his dick in his pants. He was hard already and he bit his lip when he saw Steve rise, look at his bloody hands and look around if anyone had seen him. Clint ducked but he couldn’t stop rubbing his dick through his pants.

Steve entered the bar and left a few seconds later with a plastic sheet, wrapped the guy in it and threw him in his trunk. Clint couldn’t stop rubbing his crotch and he bit his lip.

But just when turned around he could hear the door open and Steve stood there. He looked at him, an unreadable expression on his face and his eyes flicked from Clint’s face to the window and back.

“You’ve seen it?” he asked carefully.

Clint swallowed a few times. His hands were still bloody and Steve looked at them for a moment.

“Did you?” Steve asked again. He scrutinized Clint and went to the sink to wash his hands.

“Yes,” Clint admitted. He was unsure at first but then he made a step in his direction.

“And it turned you on?” Steve asked and let his eyes wander to Clint’s crotch and back. He could feel the heat rise in his cheeks but he nodded.

“It turns you on when I kill a guy?” Steve asked. He dried his hands with paper towels and threw them in the toilet to flush them down.

“Only when it’s an asshole,” Clint admitted. Steve cocked his head. “That’s… that’s why I brought so many of them here.”

Steve made a step in his direction. “You knew it? You knew what happened to those guys?” He was baffled.

“Yes,” Clint whispered. Steve was only a few inches away now and he licked his lips nervously. And then he just closed the distance, put both his hands on Steve’s cheeks and kissed him. It was a hard kiss, lips pressed on lips, hands on his body, Steve’s tongue demanding entrance in his mouth and Clint moaned and let him in. It was a brutal kiss, a heated kiss and probably the most passionate kiss in Clint’s life and his dick was rock hard now. Steve’s hand ran along his back and to his ass, squeezed it and his leg touched Clint’s cock and Clint was so turned on, he came in an instant. He moaned in Steve’s mouth, his eyes closed and his hands on Steve’s back.

“I love you,” Steve whispered when they parted and Clint smiled at him dopey, still shooked by the aftereffects of his orgasm.

“I love you, too.”