OH! I'll happily take #11 Shuddering Gasp…

OH! I'll happily take #11 Shuddering Gasp with Bucky. Pretty please?


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                               #11, WinterHawk 

They knew they shouldn’t do that. But nevertheless, here they were, under the bleachers. It was here where they talked the first time. Bucky used to sit here because he hated the school until he met Clint Barton. Here Clint had started to talk to him, to come to him and eat with him at recess and eventually he introduced him to his friends. And only a few weeks later they were officially together. Steve was pleased with him. He had worried Bucky wouldn’t acclimate here after moving in with Steve’s family.

But here he was, in his new school, with his new boyfriend under the bleachers. Clint had had training and he was the last one left when Bucky came to see him.

“Hey,” he had said when Clint had seen him but before they could talk much Clint had grabbed his hand and dragged him under the bleachers. “Wha…” he had started but got effectively shut up with a kiss.

Clint’s lips were soft and Bucky always loved how they felt, especially on his own. His hands on the other hand were rough, his fingertips calloused from drawing the bowstring. He was ambidextrous and had calluses on both hands. But Bucky loved the feeling of Clint’s fingers on his skin. He gently stroked up and down Bucky’s back, his ribs under his shirt and Bucky moaned in his mouth. Clint chuckled, but when Bucky let his own hand glide under his shirt he shuddered slightly and his laugh ended in a groan.

“Fuck,” Bucky cursed and pressed his body close to Clint’s, his leg slid between his legs. Clint bit his lip and moaned.

“God, you’re killing me,” he whispered but didn’t stop touching Bucky, he groped his ass through his jeans while Bucky still moved his leg between Clint’s legs.

“Shit,” Bucky hissed when Clint nibbled his earlobe, one of his sensitive spots. His dick hardened immediately in his pants and Clint groaned again. Bucky reached around him, opened his pants and Clint’s erection almost sprang in his hand.

“Oh fuck!” Clint groaned. He pressed his body against Bucky’s even more when he started to move his hand over his boxers, along his hard length. “Fuck!” His voice quivered and now it was Bucky, who chuckled. It didn’t take much more, just a few strokes and Clint came in his hand, warm wetness coated his fingers and he shuddered. Bucky just held him, let him ride out the aftershocks of his orgasm and just lightly stroked Clint’s back.

But then, with a grin on his lips, Clint closed his pants and slid to his knees. Bucky’s mouth went dry when he reached for his fly and opened it. And only a few seconds later Clint’s mouth was wrapped around his hard cock.

“Shiiiit,” he drawled and stroked Clint’s head. It was awesome, warm and moist, the friction from his tongue was amazing and his hands on his balls were incredible. He reached back to hold himself upright because Clint was not only talented with a bow. “I’m close,” he warned a few moments later but Clint only grinned around his dick and kept sucking. Bucky shuddered and then he squeezed his eyes shut and came with a hoarse scream. “I love you!”

Clint sucked him dry, licked off every single drop before he tucked him back in his pants and rose in a fluid motion. He smirked and wrapped his arms around him, kissed him and Bucky could taste his own come on Clint’s lips.

“I love you, too, Buck-man.”