Clint/Phil Dom Sub AU

Clint/Phil Dom Sub AU

Phil rolled his eyes when his phone rang. He had work to do and the damn phone rang all the time. How should he finish his work when everyone had to disturb him?

“Coulson,” he snapped when he took the call.

“Coulson, my office, asap!” He heard Nick Fury’s voice and then a click.

“Dammit,” he muttered but he shut his computer down, rose, put on his jacket and left the office. He locked it before he went to the elevator.

Five minutes later he stood in Fury’s office and waited for the man himself.

“Dammit,” he muttered again. Why wasn’t he here when he told him to come as soon as possible? But just when he wanted to leave again the door went  open again and Fury came in. And he just dragged in a young man in handcuffs.

“Coulson,” Fury said and nodded with his head at the man he just brought in. “Meet Hawkeye.”

“Wha… that’s Hawkeye?” was the first thing that came to his mind. He had hunted this guy for months and somehow he thought he was… older, more mature. This guy was twenty at the very most.

He glared at the two of them defiantly but kept his mouth shut.

“How?” Phil asked. He scrutinized the young man and his eyes widened. He had the typical scars from wearing a collar for a long time around his neck. The infamous Hawkeye was a sub!

“A team captured them this morning,” Fury said and walked around his desk to sit down. He threw his coat on a file cabinet and spun around to face him again.

“Them?” Phil was confused. No one had told him anything about a mission and he was supposed to know about all missions. After all, he was Fury’s third in command.

“He was part of a team. You get all the details as soon as possible but for now,” Fury started to smile and pressed his fingertips together, “I need you to take care of him.”

“That was not the deal,” Hawkeye protested. He stared at Fury now and Phil was sure, if looks could kill Fury would die in an instant.

“The deal, Mr. Barton, was that you work for us. But if you rather go to jail we can arrange that, too,” Fury snapped. “And Phil, you’re the highest ranking agent we have without a sub. Congratulations, he’s yours now.”

“You can’t just…” Hawkeye started.

“What? I don’t need…” Phil said the same moment.

Both men stopped and stared at each other and then at Fury.

“I don’t care,” Fury said. “That’s the deal, take it or leave it. That’s for both of you!”

Phil stared at him disbelievingly and then at Hawkeye.

“Sir, I…” Phil tried but Fury interrupted him.

“Read your contract. It’s in there. The necessary paperwork will be on your desk in a few hours. And now, take your sub and leave my office.”

Phil glared at him for a long moment, his teeth gritted but then he took a deep breath and looked at Hawkeye. He wasn’t overly excited as well but they would make the best out of the situation. He was sure of that.

With a last dirty glare at Fury he took Hawkeye’s arm.

“Yes, sir!”