Friendly reminders :)


-Peter Parker was just a kid and he died 

-Tony Stark lost almost everyone he cares about

-Steve rogers had to lose Bucky 3 times now

-Rocket was Groots father figure and Rocket now lost a child

-Drax lost everything

-Aunt May doesn’t know what happened to Peter

-Peter Parker will likely have PTSD 

-Tony’s hand was covered in Peter Parker’s ashes 

-Wong never got his sandwich

-Wanda had to kill her love then watch him be reborn and killed again

-Thor had lost loki 3 times

-Thor watched his brother get killed in front of him

-Thor says he has nothing left to lose

-Rocket said he had a lot to lose and at the end, he lost it all

-Peter Parker apologized when he died

-if Ned is still alive, he won’t know what happened to Peter

-Loki would have lived if he shut the fuck up

-Thor finally thought he had won but it was ripped away from him

-Bucky was finally happy in Wakanda

-Bucky’s last words were “Steve?”

-Thor feeling relieved that he finally avenged his brother to find out he lost because he didn’t aim right

-Tony lost his kid

-Peter Quill lost the love of his life

have a nice day

Avengers 4 speculation (IW SPOILERS)

Many people have argued that the reason Doctor Strange handed the Time Stone so easily is that he knew Tony Stak was the one who would save the universe. I totally agree with that theory, but it got me thinking: maybe Thor goes back to where Peter Dinklage is and create another gauntlet (they have the mold).

The problem with that would be that once they retrieve all the stones in this new gauntlet, whoever gets to wear it and snap their fingers to reverse what Thanos did will die. Why?? Well, it requires an incredible amount of power to do that. Remember that Thanos’ gauntlet burned! Certainly, it would destroy a human.

Someone could say that Thor already handled the power of a star so he may be ok, but what if Tony gets to do it, and that’s how he dies. That would be so incredible to see and it would be an amazing exit for Downey and the character.

P.S. I’m pretty sure, those tattoos mean a goodbye, if not for all of them, for some. Avengers 4 would be the last movie we see the OG6 together. (I’m dying!!)