ironhawk 28?

ironhawk 28?

Tony was all his life an agnostic. He had no idea if there was a god and it didn’t matter. And the fact that he met Thor – a being who was considered a deity by some people – confirmed his beliefs. Thor was powerful, true, but he wasn’t a god, he was an alien with an enormous lifespan. And so Tony also didn’t believe in a life after death.

And that’s why he was all the more surprised when he was hit by a bullet and found himself hovering over his own body. Natasha was the first one beside him. She pressed both her hands onto the entrance wound and called for someone, probably a medic. The next moment Clint and Steve arrived and Clint slumped down beside him. He leaned down and for a second he thought he would kiss him, but it was actually mouth-to-mouth respiration, while Steve started to massage his heart. Tony could see everything what happened around them. Thor and Bruce, no, Hulk, took care of the HYDRA goons around them, together with Sam, Wanda and Vision.

“You’re not gonna leave me,” Clint hissed between two breaths. “Do you hear me?”

Tony descended down to him, sat beside him and watched his own body being handled by his friends. Natasha looked over her shoulder every two seconds, waiting for the medics to arrive. Steve pressed his lips tight together and resolutely continued to massage his heart.

He didn’t feel pain, quite the contrary. For the first time in years all the pain, all the doubt, all the fears were gone. He was warm and content and ready to go.

“Please, Tony,” Clint muttered behind him, “You have to fight!”

The light changed, became brighter and warmer and so, so inviting and a smile appeared on his face. Only a few inches and everything would be fine forever.

“Please, Tony,” Clint repeated. “Don’t leave me!” He breathed in his mouth and Tony saw his own blood trickle through Natasha’s hands. “Please! I love you, Tony,” Clint whispered between two breaths and this made Tony stop and turn around.

Clint kneeled beside him and tears ran over his face. Yes, sure, they had had a friends with benefits relationship but Tony always thought that Clint wouldn’t want more from him.

“You can’t leave me now, Tony,” he whispered again. It was difficult because the light was so tempting, so appealing. He forced himself to turn around, to look at the man kneeling beside his head. The pain in his face, the tears, the fear to lose him… they were real. Clint… Clint loved him, he truly loved him.

Tony reached out, touched Clint’s head with his disembodied hand and all the feelings hit him like a freight train. He couldn’t go, not now, not just yet.

“Come on, Tony, please, you have to fight,” Steve said now, too, and Natasha called for a medic again He had to go back, he had to tell Clint that he loved him, too, and that he wanted to be with him for the rest of his life. He fought against the pull from the light behind him and it became more and more straining the more he moved away from it. But then he could touch his own body and…

Pain! Red, hot, searing pain! Pressure at his chest! And it hurt so, so much!

“He’s back! He’s back!” Clint called and a tear fell on Tony’s face. Another man appeared in his focus – a paramedic – and shoved Clint away. But before he finally lost consciousness he looked at Clint and mouthed, “I love you, too.”

Hi! First things first. I love you and your bl…

Hi! First things first. I love you and your blog which I've been following for a few months now and I love every prompt you write and was wondering if you could do one where Clint has a migraine or something just involving sick birdguy and Bucky or Tony (with some slash ya know) taking care of him??

Tony was worried. When he came back from the office he found the house empty.  It was their third wedding anniversary and Clint wasn’t here. They had plans for the evening, he had booked a table in their favorite restaurant but Clint wasn’t here.

“FRIDAY, where’s Clint?” Tony asked and paced in the living room.

“He’s still in the bedroom, sir,” the AI said and Tony frowned. He’s been in their dressing room to change into another suit but he hadn’t seen him… or heard him.

“Why?” he asked but went to the stairs already.

“He seems unwell,” FRIDAY said and now Tony was really worried. He went back upstairs and  through the dressing room into the bedroom and found it darkened.

“Clint?” he asked and went to the bed where he could see him lie. “Clint?”

“Not so loud,” Clint moaned and Tony hurried over to him. Carefully he sat down on the bed beside him. Clint groaned again.

“Migraine?” Tony whispered and Clint nodded a tiny bit. He barely moved his head but winced in an instant. He was in a great deal of pain. “Fuck!” Tony muttered.

He rose and went to the bathroom, opened the medicine cabinet and rummaged through the bottles they had there. Clint’s doctor prescribed him some painkillers but Clint didn’t like to take them. He said he always felt disoriented when he had taken them. But it was too late for Ibuprofen or Aspirin already. Tony filled a glass with water and took the bottle with pills back to the bedroom.

He sat down beside Clint again who moaned when the bed dipped and Tony cursed himself a bit but it was too late already.

“Clint,” Tony whispered and gently touched his shoulder. “I have your medicine here.”

Slowly Clint turned his head and shook it a bit. “Don’t wanna… makes me dizzy…”

“You have to take them. And don’t worry, I’ll stay with you,” he said quietly.

Clint looked at him for a very long moment but then he held out his hand and Tony gave him a pill. He swallowed it, took the glass out of Tony’s hand and drank a few sips.

“Thank you,” he whispered and lay back again. Tony carefully caressed his forehead before he rose and went to the dressing room. He took off his shoes and suit and put on a comfortable t-shirt and sweatpants and went back to the bedroom. Clint lay on his side of the bed in fetal position and as careful as possible Tony sat back down beside him, lay back and turned to Clint. He wrapped his arms around him and just held him. He knew Clint needed the physical contact to know that he was still here when the painkillers kicked in.

“Sorry,” Clint mumbled after a while. He had started to stroke Tony’s arm. Tony frowned and looked at him.

“What for?” he asked and Clint turned his head to look at him.

“For ruining your plans,” he said. Tony swallowed and opened his mouth to say something but then he decided against it and just cupped Clint’s cheek and kissed him gently.

“It’s okay,” he whispered afterwards. “We can celebrate anytime you want. For now it’s more important to me that you’re feeling better, okay?” Tony said and Clint closed his eyes and nodded slowly.

“I love you,” he said then, barely audible but Tony had heard it nevertheless. He smiled and kissed him again.

“I love you, too.”

IronHawk with number 94-“You can do it.&…

IronHawk with number 94-“You can do it.”

Clint stood behind him. Tony could feel the warmth from his body, could hear him breathe and the shivers ran over his body.

“That’s right,” he said and his low voice sent even more shivers down his spine. The tiny hair on his arms rose and he swallowed. “Turn your hip a bit,” Clint said. His hand lay on his waist and helped him to turn in the right position.

“Good?” Tony asked.

“Yes,” he said. “Perfect.”

Tony’s breathing sped up a bit.

“Okay,” Clint said then. “And now draw.”

Tony pulled at the bowstring the way Clint had showed him but didn’t manage to pull it back to his ear.

“It’s impossible,” he said.

And suddenly Clint’s mouth was beside Tony’s ear.

“You can do it,” he whispered. “I know that because I picked the bow especially for you.”

Tony almost moaned when Clint’s warm breath tickled his skin but he pulled a bit more.

“Good,” Clint smiled. “That’s really good.”

Tony looked at the target in front of him, aimed.

“Release,” Clint whispered and Tony did it. The arrow flew through the air and with a dark, thudding sound it hit the target about two inches beside the bullseye.

“Wow!” he blurted. “That was awesome,” he grinned, lowered the bow and turned his head to Clint. He grinned as well.

“And not that bad for the first time,” he said.

“Not bad?” Tony burst out. “It’s almost dead center!”

Clint chuckled and then he couldn’t hold back the laugh.

“You should see your face,” he grinned. “Priceless!”

“So, Master Sensei, what do you say?” Tony said.

“You know that it means literally the same, right?” Clint asked but then he continued. “And you did really, really good. My most talented student ever.”

He smiled and came over to him.

“So,” Tony said and cocked his head. “I did good?”

“You did really good,” Clint repeated and Tony started to grin.

“Time for you payment for the archery lesson,” he said, closed the distance between him and Clint, put one hand on his waist and cupped his cheek with the other one before he leaned in and kissed him.

“I like the payment,” Clint said when they parted.

“Yeah, me too.”

This is a really odd request, but could you do…

This is a really odd request, but could you do a hurt/comfort fic along the lines of "I drove over 2 hours to see you, because I knew from your last text that you weren't as okay as you said you were." Maybe Clint is having a bad case of doubt or depression or something. The pairing doesn't really matter, as long as Clint gets a lot of cuddles. Thank you…

“Clint, open the door!” Someone – Tony? – banged on the door. The person sounded like Tony but Tony was in Washington. He had to appear before a Senate subcommittee and had sent him a text this morning.

‘Good morning, beautiful. It’s boring here without you. I hope you have a nice day without me.’

‘I’m okay, just tired.’ Clint had answered and then went back to bed. He missed Tony and he was really tired. Luckily Kate was in town and took Lucky for a walk.

But now someone pounded his door and called for him. He turned around in his bed and pulled the quilt over his head. He didn’t want to talk to people, he just wanted to sleep.

“Clint, I know that you’re here. I’ve traced your phone!” The person who sounded like Tony called.

“Go away,” Clint mumbled under his quilt. It became quiet and he sighed. He removed the quilt over his head and looked at the ceiling. He wanted coffee but to get some he had to get out of his bed. But his feet were so heavy and he couldn’t move. He just couldn’t.

His bedroom door went open. “Clint?” He turned his head and saw… Tony.

“Oh my god,” he blurted and came over to him. The bed dipped and a cool hand touched his cheek. “Are you sick?”

“Tony?” Clint frowned.

“Yes, it’s me,” Tony said. “You scared the shit out of me.”

“Tony? You’re here?” Clint asked.

“Yes, Clint, I’m here,” Tony said. He leaned down to him to kiss him. And when Clint frowned again, he added, “What’s wrong, babe?”

Clint turned around to lie on his side. “Nothing, I’m fine,” he said. Tony scrutinized him for a long moment before he shrugged off his shoes and suit jacket. He removed his tie, too, and lay down beside Clint.

“No, you’re not,” Tony said and kissed his forehead. He stroked Clint’s back. “But I’m here now. I’m here for you.”

“But why?” Clint asked and looked up at him. “Why? You’re supposed to be in Washington.”

“Fuck them! You’re more important than those politicians,” Tony snorted.

“You drove what? Five hours to be here?” Clint asked incredulously. He couldn’t believe that Tony would skip his meeting just to come to him. Tony swallowed hard and shook his head, but he wrapped his arms around him and held him close and kissed his temple.

“I would fly around the world for you, babe, you know that.” Tony stroked his back.

Clint was quiet for a very long moment, he just breathed in Tony’s neck and took in his scent. “What have I done to deserve you?”

Tony chuckled quietly, “You stole my heart and now you’re stuck with me.” Clint moved a bit and looked up at him.

“I love you, Tony.”

Tony cupped his face and smiled. “I love you, too.”

Ironhawk #6, please?

Ironhawk #6, please?

It was their first wedding anniversary. Tony had packed their bags and when Clint came back from his day at the new Avengers HQ he had shoved him in his personal quinjet and brought him to the small island he owned. He had a holiday home there and he wanted to celebrate with Clint and Clint alone, no Avengers, no Pepper, no one else. Just the two of them.

They had spent the first day swimming in the sea and chilling on deck chairs on the beach. They had kissed a lot, touched and fumbled and fucked.

Later, when Clint napped under the sun umbrella, Tony went to the house, fetched a few things to eat, a bottle of champagne and dishware. He brought it to the beach together with a blanket.

He put the blanket down in the sand and arranged all the food on it and opened the bottle. The sound of the cork popping out of the bottle woke Clint.

He yawned and stretched his arms over his head, looked around confused for a few seconds until his eyes fell on Tony. He just poured Champagne in two glasses and placed them onto the blanket.

“Did someone ever tell you that you look beautiful, when the sunlight’s glowing in your hair?” He asked. Tony looked over his shoulder and chuckled. But Clint’s face was serious.

“Come here,” Tony said and held his hand out for his husband to take it. “I have champagne.”

Clint, naked as he still was, rose from the deckchair and went to the blanket to sit down beside Tony. He leaned over with a small smile and kissed him.

“Is it real?” he asked then. Tony furrowed his brows and cocked his head.

“What do you mean?” He asked and Clint shrugged with one shoulder.

“Us,” he said then. “You, me… is this real?”

“Clint, what…”

“Sometimes I think it’s just a dream and everything is gone when I wake up,” he admitted. And then he asked again, “Is it real?”

Tony put a hand on his waist and kissed him again. “Yes, it is real. You’re stuck with me for the rest of your life,” he smiled.

Clint looked at him for a very long moment. “That’s good, because I love you so much, I don’t want it to be gone when I wake up.”

“It’s real and it won’t be gone,” Tony said. “And do you know why? Because I love you, too.”

Clint’s smile broadened and he clinked his glass against Tony’s. “Happy anniversary.”