jeremyleerennerdotcom: “when i smile i can c…


“when i smile i can come across as the most friendly guy you’d want to meet, and when i don’t smile people think i want to kill them. it keeps people confused. it makes me hard to read, gives me a face for drama. i built my life around it. i like it.”

 – jeremy renner

“jeremy is the ideal choice for twitch william…

“jeremy is the ideal choice for twitch williams.  he radiates an honesty, intelligence and a hard working, everyman charisma, the same qualities that make twitch such a compelling character.”

 – jason blum (ceo blumhouse productions) on casting jeremy renner in spawn

jeremyleerennerdotcom: “she’s a lovely, lovel…


“she’s a lovely, lovely, lovely human being and she’s a lot of fun. i don’t watch any television or even watch movies so i haven’t seen the show.  but i know her personally and she’s a wonderful, wonderful human being … and yeah, she does smell great. like flowers.”

 – jeremy renner on whether hayley atwell is as nice as everyone says