“the cast, led by a suave and unruly jeremy re…

“the cast, led by a suave and unruly jeremy renner, proved to be one of the film’s most valuable assets… from ed helms’ infantile protagonist to renner’s straight faced cunning, the film tilted much of it’s appeal on the interactions between the childlike adults trapped in a never-ending game of wits.”

 – tyler trudeau (niner times) on tag

“renner has never been funnier than he is here…

“renner has never been funnier than he is here, as an alpha male who happens to be preternaturally talented at playing the world’s dumbest game. it may be the obvious joke to make, but he literally has more superpowers than he does in the avengers movies and his unflappable part-bugs bunny, part-sherlock swagger never stops being funny”

 – den of geek on jeremy renner in tag

“the script was hysterical, but it also attrac…

“the script was hysterical, but it also attracted me because it was about friendship lasting in perpetuity.  i’ve moved around a lot, so i think having continuity from your past is really important.  i’m a big believer in holding on to things that matter.  if you value something, it sometimes takes great effort to keep it”

 – jeremy renner on tag


Signs as Jeremy Renner Characters:

Aries: William Brandt

Taurus: Hansel

Gemini: Mark “Dags” D’Agastino

Cancer: Cory Lambert

Leo: Jerry

Virgo: Detective Jason Walsh

Libra: Ian Donnelly

Scorpio: Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Sagittarius: James “Jem” Coughlin

Capricorn: Sergeant First Class William James

Btw I have the rest of my list in my blog. I apologize for this.

“jeremy renner channels his avengers cha…

“jeremy renner channels his avengers character hawkeye with an exceptional performance as the egotistical superhuman jerry, who becomes somewhat of an outcast with his superb game manipulation and intelligent defense mechanisms.”

 – julia stengle (rte) on jeremy renner in tag

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