OH! I'll happily take #11 Shuddering Gasp…

OH! I'll happily take #11 Shuddering Gasp with Bucky. Pretty please?


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                               #11, WinterHawk 

They knew they shouldn’t do that. But nevertheless, here they were, under the bleachers. It was here where they talked the first time. Bucky used to sit here because he hated the school until he met Clint Barton. Here Clint had started to talk to him, to come to him and eat with him at recess and eventually he introduced him to his friends. And only a few weeks later they were officially together. Steve was pleased with him. He had worried Bucky wouldn’t acclimate here after moving in with Steve’s family.

But here he was, in his new school, with his new boyfriend under the bleachers. Clint had had training and he was the last one left when Bucky came to see him.

“Hey,” he had said when Clint had seen him but before they could talk much Clint had grabbed his hand and dragged him under the bleachers. “Wha…” he had started but got effectively shut up with a kiss.

Clint’s lips were soft and Bucky always loved how they felt, especially on his own. His hands on the other hand were rough, his fingertips calloused from drawing the bowstring. He was ambidextrous and had calluses on both hands. But Bucky loved the feeling of Clint’s fingers on his skin. He gently stroked up and down Bucky’s back, his ribs under his shirt and Bucky moaned in his mouth. Clint chuckled, but when Bucky let his own hand glide under his shirt he shuddered slightly and his laugh ended in a groan.

“Fuck,” Bucky cursed and pressed his body close to Clint’s, his leg slid between his legs. Clint bit his lip and moaned.

“God, you’re killing me,” he whispered but didn’t stop touching Bucky, he groped his ass through his jeans while Bucky still moved his leg between Clint’s legs.

“Shit,” Bucky hissed when Clint nibbled his earlobe, one of his sensitive spots. His dick hardened immediately in his pants and Clint groaned again. Bucky reached around him, opened his pants and Clint’s erection almost sprang in his hand.

“Oh fuck!” Clint groaned. He pressed his body against Bucky’s even more when he started to move his hand over his boxers, along his hard length. “Fuck!” His voice quivered and now it was Bucky, who chuckled. It didn’t take much more, just a few strokes and Clint came in his hand, warm wetness coated his fingers and he shuddered. Bucky just held him, let him ride out the aftershocks of his orgasm and just lightly stroked Clint’s back.

But then, with a grin on his lips, Clint closed his pants and slid to his knees. Bucky’s mouth went dry when he reached for his fly and opened it. And only a few seconds later Clint’s mouth was wrapped around his hard cock.

“Shiiiit,” he drawled and stroked Clint’s head. It was awesome, warm and moist, the friction from his tongue was amazing and his hands on his balls were incredible. He reached back to hold himself upright because Clint was not only talented with a bow. “I’m close,” he warned a few moments later but Clint only grinned around his dick and kept sucking. Bucky shuddered and then he squeezed his eyes shut and came with a hoarse scream. “I love you!”

Clint sucked him dry, licked off every single drop before he tucked him back in his pants and rose in a fluid motion. He smirked and wrapped his arms around him, kissed him and Bucky could taste his own come on Clint’s lips.

“I love you, too, Buck-man.”

Winterhawk, please? Where Clint is due to HYDR…

Winterhawk, please? Where Clint is due to HYDRA/Loki/smb else get wings. Thank you for this!

“We have him,” Steve said. Bucky, who was their eye in the sky as Tony had called it, sighed relieved.

“How is he?” Bucky asked and then he frowned. Steve was quiet for a very long moment.

“You… uh… you should see it yourself,” he said.

“Can I come down?” he asked and Tony confirmed it. They had taken out all the AIM guards and only the scientists were still here but the Avengers had arrested them and SHIELD agents were here already to lock them up.

“You definitely should come down,” Sam said and somehow he sounded amused. Someone said something in the background but Bucky couldn’t understand it. He was worried and as fast as possible he hurried to the edge of the building where Tony waited for him. He helped him off of the building and Bucky turned around, handed him the rifle and started to walk. And then to walk faster. And then to run until he was in the building.

Natasha was in the entrance hall, aiming her gun at a few of the AIM guards who were still alive.

“They’re in the basement but… Bucky…” she said, stopped herself and then looked away for a second.

“What, Nat! What!” He said but she just shook her head, gestured at the elevator and Bucky hurried up even more. Inside the elevator he cursed the car for being so slow and he sighed relieved when the doors went open.

“Buck!” Steve called and he saw an open door down the corridor but when he wanted to enter it Steve  came out and stopped him.

“Buck,” he said and lowered his voice, his hand on Bucky’s chest. “There’s something…”

“Is he injured? Is he…” he swallowed hard, “Is he dead?”

“No, that’s… that’s not it…” Steve looked over his shoulder for a moment and then he took a deep breath and nodded at someone inside of the room. And stepped aside.

Bucky made a step forward and turned… and paled. There he was. His Clint. He wore only sweats, his wrists were abraded but otherwise he looked like usual… aside from two huge, brown wings sprouting out of his back. He looked down and shuffled his feet.

“Oh my god!” Bucky blurted. Clint shifted from one foot to the other and didn’t dare to look up, only the feathers of his wings rustled quietly.

“I…” he started, stopped and licked his lips. “I can understand…”

“Clint!” Bucky said and went over to him, wrapped both his arms around him and pressed him close to himself. “You’re alive!”

He accidentally touched the wings and Clint moved a bit but Bucky just held him. They felt soft under his fingers.

“I’m sorry,” Clint whispered and Bucky looked up.

“What for?” he asked and frowned. Clint still didn’t move, he just looked at his feet.

“If you… If you…” he tried and a likcked his lips. “I can understand if you…”

“Clint,” Bucky moved and put a finger under his chin. “I’m not gonna leave you, okay?”

“But…” he started again but Bucky shook his head.

“I’m not gonna leave you,” he repeated. “Only if you want me to.”

“No, I…” Clint said and Bucky saw tears well up in his eyes. He wrapped his arms around him again and this time Clint hugged him back.

“We’re in this together, remember? You and me against the world and whatever happens now, I’m with you.”

“I love you,” he whispered quietly but Bucky had heard it. He kissed his temple and stroked his back a bit.

“I love you, too.”

Too bad.


[Trying to escape from a HYDRA base]

Bucky: We can’t stand them alone without backup. What if they catch us?

Clint: I have a plan for that.

Bucky: Which is?

Clint: You run one way, I run the other, whoever gets caught first, too bad.


Bucky: I hate that plan.


HELLO IF YOU ARE STILL TAKING REQUESTS I HAVE ONE If you don’t mind/want to of course, no pressure. 2am phone call that that starts with "You know I love you, right?" or "You know I'll always love you, right?"(preferably Winterhawk but you can go with whoever you want, just please make it angsty)

Not even super soldiers were immune to broken bones. Bucky had to realize that the hard way. Again. It’s not that he hasn’t broken bones before, but in his time with HYDRA, when he had broken a bone, they put him in cryogenic storage and when they got him out the bone was healed. But this time he had to heal the old fashioned way. Sure, it wouldn’t take as much time as with normal humans, but still, the next few days he would have to hop around on crutches.

That’s why Clint had to go on a mission with another agent. Usually SHIELD wanted to send him, but since the rest of the Avengers were busy with their own mission, they sent him with one of their most skilled agents. And Bucky sat alone in the HQ and waited for the Avengers and for Clint to return.

Everything went according to plan… until he got this call. He was asleep already, even if the bed felt so empty without Clint beside him. It was amazing how fast he became used to have someone beside him.

He woke when his phone rang and sleepily searched for it on the nightstand. With a yawn he pressed the button.

“Yeah?” He mumbled. It was quiet on the other end for a long time and he was about to snarl in the receiver when he heard someone sniffle. Bucky frowned and switched on the light. He looked at the screen and paled when he read the name. Clint.

“Clint?” he asked and sat up. He could hear the sniffle again and he just wanted to call his name again but then Clint spoke.

“Bucky?” He whispered.

“Yeah, Clint, it’s me,” Bucky said. Something was definitely wrong with him.

“You know that I love you, right?” Clint asked. “You know that I will always love you?”

“Clint, what’s wrong?” Bucky slid to the edge of the bed and angled for his crutches. But Clint didn’t answer, the call ended and Bucky sat there, stared at his phone disbelievingly and scared witless. Something was not okay with Clint and he was not with him. He dialed Clint’s number but he didn’t answer. If only tony was here, he could…

“FRIDAY, can you find out where Clint is?” He asked and only a few seconds later, the AI told him that he was in not only in town but also in the hospital. Not in SHIELD’s infirmary, in a real hospital. He looked at the cast around his leg and curses silently. “I need someone to drive me.”

“Mr. Hogan is here and offered to drive you,” the AI said after a minute.

They arrived at the hospital about an hour later and Bucky literally jumped out of the car and hobbled to the entrance. He hurried to the front desk.

“Clint Barton! He’s here!” he panted. The woman behind the desk looked at him for a second, then typed at her computer.

“He’s in surgery, sir,” she said.

“How is he?” Bucky asked more than concerned now. “How bad is it?”

“I’m sorry, but…” she started but Bucky interrupted her.

“I’m his partner and his emergency contact,” he snapped. The woman looked at the screen.

“James Buchanan Barnes?” She asked. Bucky nodded and fumbled for his driving licence to show her. “There’s a waiting room over there,” she pointed. “You can wait there and as soon as the doctor is finished he will come to you.”

“Please,” Bucky breathed. The woman cast her eyes down for a moment and licked her lips.

“It’s… bad,” she whispered. “But I can’t tell you more, you have to wait for the doctor.”

“Agent Barnes,” a man said and rose as soon as he entered the waiting room. He had seen him before. “I… I…” he stammered.

“What happened,” Bucky hissed. Despite the cast and the crutches he was on him in an instant and pressed his forearm over his throat. “You tell me exactly what happened!”

“He saved my life,” the man pressed through his teeth. “He… he saved my life… and… I brought him here…”

“What happened?” Bucky asked again, this time in his calm Winter Soldier voice.

“He got shot in the back thrice, one of the bullets hit his lung the EMT said,” the man said and Bucky could see a tear in his eyes. He made a step back and the agent slumped down and held his throat. “He’s a hero.”

“I know,” Bucky slumped down on a chair and for the first time in many years he prayed, he prayed that Clint would make it. He had no idea how much time passed when eventually a tired looking woman came in and looked around.

“Mr. Barnes?” She asked and Bucky shot up. “Agent Barton is stable now,” she said. And when she saw his worried face, she added with a smile. “He’s weak, but his chances are really good.”

“Thank you!” Bucky breathed.

“If you want to, you can go to him now,” she said and Bucky nodded thankfully. A nurse showed him Clint’s room and Bucky sat down beside him. All the monitors and tubes and wires were terrifying, but his heart beat in a strong rhythm. He took Clint’s hand and just held it when he felt him stir.

“Clint!” Bucky sighed. “Oh my god, you scared the shit out of me,” he added. Clint blinked once and tried a smile around the tube in his mouth. But then he looked down at his hand and Bucky’s glance followed him. He moved his hand and folded middle and ring finger, the ASL sign for ‘I love you’. Bucky couldn’t hold back the tears any longer.

“I love you, too,” he whispered.